The Age of the Earth

TEWSNBN has recently written on the age of the earth, ‘refuting’ scientific forms of establishing how old our planet is. Naturally, TEWSNBN insists that only a true understanding of the Bible yields the truth.

This has been a topic of great interest to almost everyone who is curious about our origins. The unbeliever does not accept the biblical account of creation nor do many people who claim to believe in Jesus.

These two groups say they know the Bible is wrong and they offer up what they consider proof to back up their claim. We will not go into discussing those proofs as they have been discussed and refuted many times over not only here but by true Christians around the world.

Emphasis mine and a small point to begin with. I am not religious but when my wife and I were arranging our wedding we went to a local Church of England Church and had our bands read. We found a warm and pleasant community, and no one engaged in the sort of firebrand preaching that Evangelicals routinely indulge in. There was no judgement of anyone. Whilst I cannot agree with every position and philosophy of the CoE, their welcoming and peaceful ways made my wife and I feel comfortable from the very first day we stepped into the Church. To me, they embodied who Christians should be, taking the best elements of Christianity. TEWSNBN would consider them to be false Christians, as they do not take the Bible literally. Indeed, the Reverend who performed our wedding ceremony mentioned that the Bible had allegorical elements – I dread to imagine TEWSNBN’s reaction to that if he’d been there.

The ‘true Christian’ argument is a gigantic falsehood, and one responsible for centuries of strife and conflict between Christians across Europe. How is ‘true’ defined in this scenario? What makes TEWSNBN’s version more valid than anyone else’s?

The problem comes in when someone looks at a rock and claims it was produced by some natural method. Yet, they never produce that process nor show it in action. they only make the claim and then attach billions of years to escape their responsibility to provide proof.

The unbeliever always tells the Christian that the onus is on us because we are making extraordinary claims. But that is not correct. We are merely telling others what God has said about our origins.

The people making the extraordinary claims are those who say the earth is that over 1 Billion years old. They cannot provide the evidence needed to prove their claims true.

There is actually a tremendous wealth of evidence for the age of the earth. TEWSNBN’s counter-claims are based out of a wilful ignorance of the scientific method and a loathing for science in general. The formation is rocks is a known quantity, based on how abrasion and erosion work, and we understand both principles and can even see them in action. We can also use the observable examples to deduce how much time it would take to erode large objects down to small ones. This is logical, but because it is not explicitly covered in the Bible, TEWSNBN doesn’t understand it.

Today, a resurgence of young-Earth creationism has many persuaded that science, when applied faithfully, still supports a much smaller age—close to only 6,000 years. While the arguments behind this movement are not convincing to professional geologists

No, they wouldn’t be because the majority of professional geologists are not Christians, and those that claim they are, yet hold to a non-supernatural creation, do not believe God when he said he created the world in 6- 24 hour days.

That makes their being a Christian claim suspect if they are not new believers.. This is the issue. The unbelieving scientist says that it takes so many millions of years for certain things to develop.

But they have yet to prove their process actually existed or exist and did as these scientists have claimed. They only look at the item in question and make an unsupported declaration.

They have no proof whatsoever that the rocks, mountains, plants, and everything else came into being through their accep[ted means. They cannot observe these processes in action either.

More of the ‘true Christian’ rubbish from TEWSNBN, and more wild assertions regarding science. There are scales at which we can observe certain behaviours and actions, and logic comes into play regarding the rest. Meanwhile, there has never been any observation of a deity creating anything from nothing. There are self-referential books, of which the Bible is just one. There is no more evidence (external, verifiable, proper evidence) for the Bible being literally true than there is the Quran or any other holy text.

to put it another way, who has observed the Bible being written or observed the events of the Bible unfold with their own eyes? Has TEWSNBN? We’re expected to take the Bible literally and trust this literal interpretation without harbouring any doubts, because the Bible tells us to, yet not trust science, despite the various forms of evidence science has provided to us about various natural mechanisms.

I doubt whether my words will get through to TEWSNBN, but a counterweight to their anti-science position needs to be presented.

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