The 2015 Singapore GP Preview


Next up on the F1 calendar comes arguably the most grueling race of the year – the street circuit of Singapore.

Racing is an uncomfortable business for the drivers. The cockpits are cramped, they  wear fireproof gear that ensures they sweat buckets and they get jostled and bumped as they hurtle around the track, accelerating and decelerating and taking all the knocks that entails. When you throw into this mix a track bumpier than usual, hotter than usual and with intense humidity, you have a recipe for a challenging race.

Oh yes, and this race takes place at night, meaning the drivers and teams have to adjust their body clocks too.

Last year’s race was crucial to Lewis Hamilton’s title hopes. Rosberg would suffer the misfortune of an electrical fault that would ultimately see him retire, whilst Hamilton would win, taking a huge chunk out of Rosberg’s title lead. For Rosberg to have a realistic chance at the title this year, he needs Hamilton to suffer something similar on Sunday.

What Rosberg probably won’t want to hear is that only champions have won at Singapore.

Red Bull have earmarked this track as one they might do quite well at – the track is not especially fast and features a number of twists and turns – well suited to a car with good aerodynamic properties. It might well be the last chance they have to get serious points. McLaren might also fancy their chances at a race which has seen a safety car every time it’s been held so far. Because of the conditions and the tight nature of any street circuit, Singapore usually produces good races, and I expect the same again on Sunday!

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