Striking a Nerve

I have to laugh at this troll.

The other day, I posted a Writing Prompt on the subject of criticism. It would seem this riled up one member of the peanut gallery, so I can only assume my words carried truth, or they would not have responded quite so hotly.

The levels of hypocrisy from this particular troll have often been high, but they spiked with this particularly angry barb:

If you are going to relabel constructive criticism and categorize it to a label you invent yourself, then you cannot complain you are not receiving constructive criticism. All you are showing is your rejection of constructive criticism because it is not what you wanted to hear.

I wonder how this fellow defines ‘constructive criticism’? Would it be with words like this?

You are wrong moron. May is the 5th month and June is the 6thmonth. We are halfway when June 30th hits you dipstick

You are a joke

They that cry the loudest are guiltiest most of all. Learn to be a man for once

These are a selection of some of the insults this individual has thrown my way. I would love for him to explain how they are constructive in nature.

It’s also rather telling that they believed I was referring to them. There is more than one vile troll that has attempted to rattle me in recent times. I guess it’s guilt on their part. They know I have a point, it has stung them, so they have lashed out in misplaced, ill-guided fury.

But wait, there is more!

Then if you are going to insult those you disagree with, it only undermines your credibility. He is again just saying if criticism is not done his way, then it is not credible criticism. This is another example of unbelievers trying to write their own individual rules and reject commonly accepted definitions of the term constructive criticism.

Emphasis mine. It is painfully clear that the fundy’s words are true enough, when applied to him. He won’t appreciate or even understand that. He has made it thoroughly clear that only his way is the right way, and there is no room for discussion or debate. It is scary to think that he was once a teacher; would it have been constructive to call a student a moron? To tell them they were a joke? I await with baited breath to hear his explanations as to how such behaviour is constructive. I imagine he will prove too cowardly to provide an answer. After all, he has already demonstrated a fondness for making spurious accusations without having the guts to back them up, so why would he change his habits now?

I’ll extend this individual an olive branch, in the hope that he will perhaps finally, completely, utterly leave me alone. I have unblocked his two email addresses, meaning his comments should come straight through, and I invite him to explain why he thinks calling me names is a form of constructive criticism. This is his big chance to justify his behaviour. He is of course free to post his remarks directly to his blog, but I would suggest to him that if he has any shred of integrity, he will agree to leave me alone if he cannot justify his position.

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