Staying out of other’s people’s business

Sometimes, temptation gets the better of me. I know I should leave this alone, but the commentary of certain individuals irks me, and requires correction. You can probably guess who I’m referring to…

here is an article that we will provide a short commentary on-Church rents movie theater marquee in response to LGBT pride event-

Nicole Lintemuth, board president of Lowell Pride, told CP in an email interview that the group’s mission is to “celebrate the diversity of LGBTQIA+ culture and create a community that is safe and inclusive.”

Her goal is wrong. We are not going to criticize the Pastor or that church as the LGBTQ community needs to know that they are wrong, living in sin, and need to repent of their ways.

The next problem with this comment is that these groups want to have a safe, inclusive, and tolerant society. Yet, they are the ones who are not inclusive, tolerant, or allow for safety in the community as they attack anyone who rejects their ideology and preferences.

The Bible already tells us that righteousness cannot have fellowship with unrighteousness, so Christians are always going to be on the outside looking in. Not with a desire to join but with thoughts of how to rescue them from their sins.

There is nothing normal or right about LGBTQ preferences and we do need to pray more to try and stop the unbelievers of the world from damaging our kids.

All of that is a very long-winded way of saying ‘I am bigoted’. Look at the language. Look at the implications, and the hypocrisy. ‘There is nothing normal or right about LGBTQ preferences’. That message has been pounded into the skulls of countless members of the LGBT community over the decades. It has created deep self-loathing in some, created hostility towards others, and in many parts of the world, merely existing as LGBT is enough to face assaults, and death.

But, how dare they rally against this treatment eh? By opposing the forces that try so hard to dehumanise them, the LGBT community is being selfish! Hopefully you can tell that I’m being sarcastic.

This person’s type of Christian is the type that wants to interfere in the lives of unbelievers, and then reacts badly when told their influence is not welcome or needed. They would be wise to understand that not everyone requires their brand of ‘saving’.

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