Star Trek Discovery – Season Two is here!

For a great many Trekkies, it’s time to rejoice, for season two of Discovery has finally landed, and it is good!

It won’t be good to all Trekkies, not least of all the rabid haters who want everyone else to hate it too (and who judge and look down upon those who like it), but the gatekeepers are thankfully in the minority, as Discovery steams ahead (with a rumour of season three already being planned, such is the confidence in the show). The season two opener kicks off right where we left off, with the Discovery herself going bow to bow with none other than the Enterprise. I won’t reveal anything that wasn’t already shown in the trailers – Discovery takes on Captain Pike as her new commanding officer, there’s been a series of strange signals all over the galaxy and there are hijinks and danger in the very first episode. I am already extremely eager to see how this pans out, as I’m sure most Trekkies are!


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