Star Trek Discovery: Season 4

Despite repeatedly hearing from the naysayers and haters that Season 3 of Discovery would be the last, yesterday (the day DSC Season 3 premiered worldwide and the day after it launched in the US) a fourth season of the series was announced. Production begins in November.

This is brilliant news and a potent message to the haters. For months several of them have crowed about ‘inside sources’ and ‘industry knowledge’ to insist DSC would not survive beyond Season 3. Naturally none of them would reveal where they got their information from, citing that they were protecting their sources. Personally, I suspect these sources are imaginary.

Yesterday I posted about Professional Hubris. That article remains quite pertinent to the discussions around Discovery and the bold claims put forward by people who apparently have inside information.

‘Please feel free to screenshot’. Don’t worry, it’s been screenshotted plenty of times by now 😉

This aged poorly

To be so consistently wrong takes skill. Oliver was also arguing DSC would be cancelled after Season 2. One has to wonder what it feels like to be incorrect so often?

Discovery is here to stay. Strange New Worlds is happening. Picard Season 2 will happen. In short, whatever these guys say, assume the opposite is true.

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