So it continues…

The lockdown is rumbling on till at least early May, and I am finding myself losing patience with a lot of things. They might be small things to some, but they’re things which nonetheless have been irritating me. For example, on Mario Maker 2, I’ve found myself booing several levels and being quite critical of them, if they annoy me even a little bit. If a game or an app has annoyed me, I’ve deleted it, straight away, without a second chance or second thought.

I was especially pissed off with a dying laptop and then the website issue, which between them prevented me from exploring my main creative outlet of writing my stories. I’ve found it hard to sleep, harder than usual at least, wondering when I’ll get back to work, and what things will be like when I do. Even the weather’s been aggravating me, as by now we surely deserve consistent warm weather, not this patchy weather, which has annoyed me even more. I’m not expecting 30C heat in April, but is it too much to ask for 20C, maybe 22C, and less wind? I’m tired of having to put on a jumper, just to sit in the garden.

I know I know, there’s people who are in a far worse place than I am. I’m moaning and perhaps I shouldn’t, but this is how I feel, right now. I want normality back. I want to feel myself again.


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