‘Sit down, shut up’

I wonder how many times in online history that the demand upon someone to stop posting or commenting on any given subject has actually worked?

For starters, the comment I left on YouTube was on a Star Trek video – the comments did get political but the original material was on Captain Picard’s best, most inspirational speeches. I guess Alex missed that.

Second, I haven’t watched CNN in years – probably over a decade. I tend to use the BBC website for most of my news needs, alongside Sky News, and very rarely, I might look at the CNN website.

Thirdly, Alex never volunteers where he gets their news from. How do they do their research I wonder?

Fourth, note the subtle poisoning of the well. ‘CNN bad!’ Is that because they present information that challenges Alex’s precious narratives and fantasies? Since they don’t describe how they do their research, one can make any number of assumptions.

Fifth, do they think their post is going to deter me from commenting on what I want, when I want?

Sixth, their grammar needs work 😉

As our ‘conversation’ has continued, it appears Alex is unwilling to reveal what their sources are, and how they go about researching topics. That’s quite telling.

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