The Scary Side of Radical Feminism

I’ve mentioned (in comments on other sites) that whilst feminism (which aims for equality between the sexes) is a worthwhile movement, there are elements to it that are harmful to the overall movement, such as radical feminism.

I found a post the other day, on a site called Radical Witch, that for me highlights some of the more extreme lines of reasoning, even within radical feminism itself. The site’s author has written a post called ‘There is no Rape Culture, only Men‘, which takes the step of implying all men are rapists, or will be rapists.

Naturally, as a man, I can’t say I was too pleased to see such a post.

To quote:

This is wrong. Males rape. Males are violent toward women and girls. They do this because they are males and not because of cultural norms or cultural expectations. Males sometimes like having these excuses so they can blame women, especially mothers and single mothers, in particular. But, more often than not, they issue denials of the existence of rape culture, which usually centers on a denial of the mass epidemic of rape that exists the world over. Of course, the truth is that rape is as ubiquitous as air. It’s everywhere. It’s what men do. But, it is not “culture.”

There is a lot of blanket blame being placed here. Yes, some men are indeed rapists and some men commit acts of violence toward women. These men are frankly, disgusting and should be loudly condemned, without reservation. However (and I am reluctant to fall into the trap of using this phrase regularly), not all men are violent. It is an ugly stereotype to suggest we are.

Male denials of rape culture, centering on a denial of the everyday normalcy of rape, are a psyop (psychological operation, a propaganda tactic used against an enemy in war). When they claim that 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 women are raped, this is a psyop. We know that nearly 100% of women are sexually assaulted and most are raped by a man, at least, once in their lifetimes. Many of us have been raped multiple times by multiple males – yet, there are no statistics to reflect that. Their statistics, also, do not reflect the victims of institutionalized rape in the form of prostitution, medical rape, and sex-on-demand, which is a norm in marriage and male/female cohabitation – these victims are entirely ignored. Nor could any statistic reflect the horror, the damage to our bodies, our spirits, and our psyches, or the overall damage to society, as a whole, which is full to the brim with traumatized girls and women, in many cases, unable to function at their maximum because of the onslaught of male violence and the threats thereof – the stalking, the perpetual harassment, the endless terror of it all.

I’m not sure where to start here. Whilst statistics can certainly be manipulated, she is redefining rape to suit her agenda. I would never force my wife into having sex with me – I want her to enjoy the experience, not feel coerced or manipulated into it.

It seems she wants to characterise rape as any set of circumstances where the man is persuasive. If a man seduces a woman, is that somehow rape? (and on the flipside, if a man says no, and the woman convinces him to change his mind, is that sexual assault?)

We know it is a psyop because we know our own experiences and the experiences of our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts, and our friends. I don’t know any women who have not been raped – and not only raped because rape doesn’t take place in a vacuum – there is other violence, as well – strangling, being held at gunpoint (loaded policeman’s service revolver in my face), being held against our will, injuries to our internal organs, being battered and bruised – these are the experiences we know and so male lies don’t phase us much – we know these are males, again, doing what males do to women and girls and lying about it.

At this point, I can only offer the conjecture that she has been the victim of violent assaults – obviously I don’t know that with any degree of certainty, and if she has assaulted, then that is clearly very sad and should not have happened – and now she is projecting her experiences upon all men and women.

Denials of the existence of rape culture come from males on both the left and the right. But there is a grain of truth in these denials – men know the truth: There is no rape culture, as such. There is only men and their inherently violent, sexually perverse, brain-damaged, testosterone-poisoned selves. Rape culture is men being men, it is “boys being boys.” I don’t say this to dismiss this problem. On the contrary, confronting the fact that the male human is inherently,  innately violent, especially directing his violence at the creator class – women and girls – is the only way to get at the foundation of the problem of male violence and root it out – or, at least, greatly reduce it.

I reject the notion that men are ‘inherently violent’. The language used here is colourful but certainly not descriptive. Is it true that we as men are more inclined to commit violent acts than women are? I don’t know. I know that we do commit more acts of violence, but is this because of genetics? Or is it down to cultural factors? I do know that Radical Witch is vastly overstating this issue.

From a little bit later on:

Therefore, I ask you to envision a world in which the number of male children born is very, very small. Imagine a world in which men die – mostly of natural causes – without male off-spring. What would that world look like? Would we need many laws? Would we need prisons anymore? Would we still have to look over our shoulders constantly? What would it feel like if we did not have to fear waking up to a man on top of us in our beds while we sleep? What would the social order look like? What would be regarded as normal or abnormal?  What would women be doing differently?

I urge you to think about these things and, if you are inclined, write a fictional story about it. Post it online for everyone to read for free or sell it.

Fiction and non-fiction are both very powerful. We cannot change males, but we can change ourselves, how we view males, and how we deal with them. We already know that they cannot be educated out of raping or in any other way socialized out of abusing women and girls. This leads us to one solution. Write about how we are going to get there. Or write about life when we are already there.

Putting this idea out into the mental realm (metaphysically, an energetic field of ideas that can be transmitted from mind to mind)  will help make it happen.

I don’t like the implication here. Is she wishing that effectively 50% of the human population dies off? Why does she think that we wouldn’t need as many laws, or that we could do away with prisons? Even worse, what does she mean with that last sentence?

I decided to get a woman’s perspective on this (since, as a man, much of this article made my blood boil, and I wasn’t at all sure I could be objective about it), so I contacted Carla from the Melodramatic Confessions site that recently hosted a post of mine. Here is what she had to say:

I don’t agree with this article at all. I think the statistics are wrong and flawed, and the mindset is dangerous. I know plenty of women who’ve suffered violence of all kinds at the hands of men. However, not every woman I know has been unfortunate enough to experience it. 
I do believe rape culture exists – and here’s why. I think she’s wrong when she says it’s used as an excuse. I don’t see rape culture as an “excuse”. I see it as an explanation as to why statements like “boys will be boys” and “she was asking for it” are used. I see it as a phrase that describes our society – one that seems to dismiss rape victims, often without realising it. People are often told they are “lucky” after they’ve been raped, because it wasn’t a stranger or their injuries aren’t that bad. Men are constantly dismissed, to the point where male rape in movies and TV shows is seen as a laughing matter. To me, that’s rape culture.
I think the rest is incredibly man-hating and demeaning. Yes, we would still have crime. Yes, we would still have rape, murders, domestic violence, everything. Removing men is not the problem; but her mindset is. I find this article despicable. She is not what I would label a feminist, not even close. She’s no different from MRAs spouting hate – that’s all she’s doing. 
I don’t know what the likelihood is that Radical Witch will see this post. She does not allow comments on her posts and there is no email address via which to contact her. I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, this post appears on her feed, or she searches and somehow finds it. If she does, then I wish to add that she is free to comment on anything I have to say, as is anyone.
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