Rights and the Godless, P2

It is not without irony that ‘David’ has come after my recent post, Rights, God and the Godless. As his reply wears on, he speaks of subjects that he clearly knows very little about.

Is there any point in responding? To ‘David’, details like facts, evidence and so forth, are irrelevant. The truth, as he calls it, is merely his interpretation of one belief system, as I mentioned to Aish in the comments of the Coalition post. ‘David’ can insist all he wants that God created this and God created that, and he can whine as much as he likes that a godless world is a moral-free one, but given the positions he upholds (he thinks child-victims of rape should risk their lives and well-being to have their abuser’s baby), he is not an authority on morality. There can be no rational discussion of morality with someone thinks like that.

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