Random Musings in the form of Prompts

It’s a slow, boring Friday morning, and poking through WordPress, I’ve found an intriguing blog (Musings from a Tangled Mind) via another blog (Lolsys Library), which asked some interesting and searching questions. Here goes…

Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

Well, if I can fly at high speed, thus being able to quickly get across the country, this confers many advantages. If it will take me several hours to cross the country, it’s of no real benefit. Being invisible on the other hand, grants access to various off-limit locations. Area 51 anyone? So I’m saying invisible, provided I can the skill on and off as and when I need to.

Would you rather fight off the zombie apocalypse, or defend the planet against hostile aliens?

Ummm…. Well, zombies tend to be slow and cumbersome, and aliens would have all sorts of advanced technologies to throw at us. On the other hand, in virtually every zombie show, we’re reduced to nearly nothing, and in nearly every alien invasion show, we end up winning. I’m saying alien invasion.

One food for the rest of your life?

Just one?!?!?! I have too many enticing options… Roast lamb, bacon, bacon-double cheeseburgers, apple pie, stuffed crust cheese pizza, fish-and-chip shop chips… Peanut butter! Oooh, digestive biscuits… Argh! And that’s not including dessert options… OK, what can I actually live on? Roast lamb. I’m not going to think about this anymore, or I’ll change my mind.

Batman for a week, or Superman for a day?

I’m going to shamelessly copy Musings’ answer here. If I’m Batman, I’m also Bruce Wayne, billionaire, and I’ll just casually move some of his money over to me, so that’s my post-Batman existence sorted.

Would you rather live forever, or be invincible?

This is quite tough. Living forever is all well and good, except you’ll watch everyone you love die. I’m not sure I could bear that, whereas if I’m impervious to injury or disease, but would still grow old, I’d get to live to an old age, and not suffer the loss of all my loved ones.

If you could be a flavor of gum, what would it be?

Something minty, because I’m not a gum person and I’m not familiar with enough flavours. Boring answer I know.

What color is your aura right now and why?

I have no idea, as I’m not really into the whole ‘aura’ thing. I don’t tend to give this notion much consideration.

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Werewolf. I can still be me for the most part – it’s only full moons where I’d have to lock myself up, and I’d still be active during the day. Plus, this swings back to immortality and watching my loved ones die – unless I turned them to vampires, but where does that path lead, and end?

What Disney princess are you and why?

Well as a bloke, I’m not sure! The most relatable Disney princess to me is probably Vanelope from Wreck it Ralph – stubborn, funny and scatter-brained.

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