Profit over People

The Tories are crap, and now they’re enabling crap to – literally – ruin our beaches. Swathes of the south coast have been ruined by water companies pumping sewage directly into coastal waters, and they’re doing this because they can.

Under-investment and failures to hit performance targets haven’t stopped fatcat executives from granting themselves bonuses. Water companies (like energy companies) continue to price-gouge the British public, and meanwhile, the Tories… do nothing, save a few token gestures. This is probably because Tory MPs benefit from all this. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re receiving kickbacks, or if some of them are major shareholders in these companies. The Tories almost always place profit ahead of the public, and there’s no indication that Johnson’s eventual replacement – whoever that might be – will do what is needed to actually, meaningfully, relieve the burden on the people.

There are alternative means, that do not burden the working class, and still allow for people to make money. France is currently cheaper to live in than the UK, and it’s no surprise that public services (such as transport and energy) are publicly-owned. The cost of living in Germany is 24% lower than in the UK, and features several advantages, including cheaper transport, and free university education.

Governments should not operate on a ‘for profit’ model. When this happens, the lives of ordinary people are ruined, crushed beneath debt and hardship. In the case of the UK, this includes sewage too.

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