Pressing Requests

My daughter likes me to tell stories that mash up our world with fictional worlds. In particular, she likes Pokemon and Legend of Zelda mix-ups. I’m glad she enjoys me telling her stories, but I will admit that making up that kind of thing off the cuff is quite hard for me. It doesn’t help that she offers up her own ideas of what should happen, as I’m in the middle of telling the story!

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the stuff I’m writing doesn’t interest her. Sci-fi (beyond the spectacle of Star Wars and the other-worldliness of Doctor Who) doesn’t interest her. She has plenty of books but prefers my made-up stuff. My mind isn’t really wired to blurt out stories in that fashion (it might seem like Warlord stuff comes thick and fast, but in my head I’ve planned it, even if it might only have been some meandering thought streams as I fall asleep).

She tells me I should write down some of this stuff, but I can’t bring myself to do so whilst The Warlord is still pouring out of my head. I have a thread in my mind, that I’m pulling, and I can’t lose it, not now. Is that weird?

It’s kinda weird isn’t it? Is that how actual writers think? Latch on to an idea and keep going with it?

I’m up to nearly 70,000 words, which is not a total I thought I’d get anywhere near when I started the story. I know I’m harping on about it, but this feels, in a small way, like an accomplishment. I don’t think I’ve churned out so much creative work since… well… ever. I know the story itself needs refining and editing at some point, if I am ever to seriously consider actually… you know, publishing it (and I’m not considering that, I truly don’t think it’s good enough), but right now it’s about getting the story out of my brain and onto the screen.

It’s likely I will have the time to work on it. Going back to work is currently unlikely to happen before June, which is frustrating, but my employer – understandably – doesn’t want to return people to work on full pay whilst the store is quiet. There’s no point, from their perspective. I should be grateful for the writing time, but equally, going to work at least provides different scenery and different people to talk to. I actually spoke to my boss on the phone today – it was nice to hear his voice!

Of course, none of this helps with the pressing matter of making up stories on the bounce for my daughter.

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