Playing Second Fiddle

An interesting article has emerged in The Guardian about apparent plans from the USA to direct who the UK does business with. In short, the USA wants a clause that deters the UK from negotiating trade deals with what the USA considers to be undesirable trade partners. It’s believed that the main target of this clause is China, who are emerging as the main economic and political threat to the US, however China isn’t specifically named.

Now, doing business with a regime like China isn’t necessarily a savoury prospect. The Chinese government is ruthless towards its internal enemies, and freedom of speech might as well not exist. However, to simply cut trade with one of the fastest growing economics in the world is not feasible, least of all because the Trump-led US government wishes it. It remains to be seen if this clause is one the US is genuinely pressing for, and if it is, whether Johnson will have the spine to resist.

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