Opposing Evil

PM Rishi Sunak has made dealing with immigrants arriving by small boats one of his government’s top priorities. At a time when our bills are rising and Tories are getting rich off the back of poverty, is this really the electorate’s main concern? Of course not. However, the Tories (and their mates in the right-wing media) will scream and shout about immigrants, as they so often do, to avoid facing responsibility for their numerous shortcomings, and to distract people from their shortcomings.

Leaving aside this cynical, misleading tactic, Tory proposals are also cruel. As the Twitter video tells us, going through legal immigration channels is not possible when bombs are destroying your city. ‘I’ll pop along to the foreign office, I know there are enemy tanks rolling in, but that’s no excuse not to do it legally!’ If you think people fleeing from civil strife and wars have the time to go through the legal process of immigration, you are woefully ignorant.

It is not a crime to be a refugee. It is certainly not a choice anyone willingly makes. Denying these desperate people help when they most need it… that should be a crime, and it is certainly callous. It is also very in-keeping with the Tories.

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