Off the Cuff

Slowly I begin my return to the working world, albeit my next day back isn’t for a couple of weeks. I’ll work two days in a row though, which will feel odd. I wonder if it will be hot and sunny by then? I’m not one to moan about the weather, but lately the poor form of June, and now July, is making me feel depressed. I often describe myself religious position as agnostic – I wonder if there is a god looking out for us, because if there is, they’re piling on the misery, and for what??? Can’t we have some good weather if we’re to be stuck at home? Is that too much to ask for in the middle of a pandemic?!

Instead it’s actually quite cold. I mean, when the sun is out, it’s warm and pleasant, as it should be, but there’s far too much cloud cover, and it’s royally pissing me off. It’s not welcome and should not be here. What’s worse is that it’s set to remain the case for the next week.

It’s reaching a stage where, if my family is the lucky recipient of a big lottery win, I’d give serious thought to emigrating. At the very least I’d get a holiday home, either in Spain, southern France, or perhaps Italy. I’d want somewhere to withdraw to if it appears that UK weather will be intolerable. I’d also like somewhere to escape to when Brexit kicks in and the UK gets completely screwed by everyone else.

I’ve said it before – I don’t trust this Tory government to manage Brexit properly. Look at how poorly they’ve handled Covid-19. We’re relying on Johnson and his priveliged, Etonian elitist cabal to negotiate deals that will benefit the average Briton – which they won’t. Brexit will benefit the few, not the many – which let’s face it, is the reason Johnson, Farage et al wanted it in the first place (and what those arrogant clowns want is always going to be bad for the rest of us).

Make no mistake, Brexit is a bad idea, that we voted for because of all the wrong reasons, and we have a government that’s not remotely interested – or capable – of getting deals to benefit the working class. For evidence of this, look at Johnson’s ridiculous suggestion that we applaud bankers. Look at ending of free parking for NHS staff, at a time when they face the majority of the risk from Covid-19.

I’m really not keen on the UK’s future prospects. We’re lurching towards a serious second wave of the Coronavirus (I can see that happening, it’s virtually inevitable). We’re going to be on the weaker end of trade negotiations when it comes down to the nitty gritty of Brexit. We’re in for a world of hurt, especially with the current Tory team running the circus.

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