Obligatory Vaccine Card Post

Yep, that’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of the jabbed! The whole process went smoothly, with the queue flowing easily and the actual vaccine administered in the blink of an eye. By now the vaccine process has become a well-oiled machine, capable of dishing out doses to people at a rapid rate – as it should be.

At the time of writing this, I feel more or less fine. Last night I started to come down with a cold, so any woozy, weary feelings over the course of today could be attributed to that, rather than any side effects. In fact, as of this post, I haven’t had any side effects. I don’t want to jinx things, but I feel alright, aside from being a touch fatigued, which as mentioned could be due to the cold.

What needs to happen next is for everyone who is eligible for the vaccine to get the vaccine. At the moment just over 31% of the UK’s population has received both their doses. We’re getting there.

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