Misandry – or Misogyny?

Prowling the web as I sometimes do, I came upon an ‘interesting’ piece written about greater life expectancy for men in Sweden. The paragraph below caught my eye:

Still, well over 90% of industrial deaths are male – showing the push for “equality” is only in areas of society that provide exclusive benefit to women, i.e. all reward and no risk, rather than any desire to help share the risks of society with men. Also, combat deaths are still over 99% male, showing another bias against men. Tellingly, women were upset after the sinking of the Costa Concordia in Italy because they were not afforded the privilege of exiting to a life raft before men were. The misandrist mentality that women are somehow “better” than men still pervades Western culture.

The job thing is what particularly grabbed my attention. Is the greater percentage of deaths due to industrial accidents really the result of misandry – or because men tend to favour this sort of job? To my knowledge, women are not denied the opportunity to apply for such roles – if they choose not to, or if employers prefer to hire men (for whatever reason) then it stands to reason men will be at greater risk. This isn’t because of any concerted effort by feminism to cut short the male lifespan – it’s a choice to both apply for this sort of work and to be hired to do it.

This is even more evident with military jobs. The vast majority of combat deaths are men because men are more inclined to apply for military jobs. This isn’t part of a feminist conspiracy to kill men – throughout history men have signed up to fight for the cause (whatever that may be).

Whether we are prepared to admit it or not, we are more attracted to dangerous work than women are. It fits in with male bravado and the image of ‘manliness’. We’re physically more suited for it as well. Historically women serving as combatants has been seen as controversial – Mulan is a famous example.

I can’t speak for the Costa Concordia incident because I haven’t had the opportunity to look at it, but regarding the rest… I just can’t agree.

Edit: I’ve decided to add some more to this post as I’ve been looking at the site in question and there’s some more to add.

Insane leftist policies mean that asking a woman out on a date has become “harassment.”

Asking a woman out is fine. Continuing to pester her for her number or her time if she has said no isn’t, and that is the crux of this particular issue. No means no – if you can’t accept that without whining (and some men can’t) then you are not mature enough to be asking women out in the first place.

One of the comments:

Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s the secret dream of every woman. Little did they know that the shades incur real life beatings, horrific gang rape, torture, genocide, beheadings and real life ‘misogyny’. That’s why I love women. So willing to do themselves in. Give ’em enough rope…

I don’t know where to start with this. I somehow doubt the person who wrote this comment knows what women want.

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