Meerkat Reviews: Legends & Lattes

It’s been a minute since I last reviewed something, and then shared that review here at Meerkat Musings. I aim to correct this, so here is my review of Legends & Lattes, by Travis Baldree.

My Goodreads review: This was a delightful, light-hearted tale that subverts the stereotypical view we may have of certain fantastical beings. There is certainly an underlying theme here: do not judge a book by its cover! There is also a lot in this book for coffee and cake lovers… I dare say I found myself getting hungry as I read this! This is a vibrant, lived-in world, and it pulses with characters both likeable and otherwise. I aspire to write to this level!

To expand upon what I said, the concept was instantly appealing to me: an orc decides to hang up her sword, remove herself from her old life as a warrior, and settle down to open a coffee shop. Along the way she forms a new band of unlikely companions, and they each come to realise they have something to offer one another. Prejudices initially create tension, but a central theme of the book is that people can change, and grow, and that our stereotypical views are often unfounded. People deserve to be treated like individuals, and people deserve to drink great coffee too! I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to exploring more of what Mr Baldree has to offer.

You can find Legends & Lattes via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various other places.

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