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Drawing inspiration from Lolsys Library, this ‘kat thought he’d offer a few thoughts on the songs that inspire him. Some are happy songs, some are intense, some are a little… Shall we unexpected?

There are three versions of this epic, sweeping song. The original is the one I’ve shared (which was updated for the 2019 Lion King). There is also Elton John’s version, which is beautiful in a, different way. Finally, there is the version from the musicial, which is raw and emotional. All three renditions of Circle of Life are powerful, moving pieces of song and music, and utterly captivating.

The Touch is classically 80s, well suited to the 1986 Transformers movie and working brilliantly with both Optimus Prime’s heroic charge and the rise of Rodimus Prime at the climax of the film. It’s a pumping, uplifting, energetic song.

This song resonates. When I was preparing to break the news to my sofa shop employers that I had found another job, this song got me through what is almost always an unsettling, nervous time. Beyond the personal meaning, this is Mike Shinoda bearing his soul in the wake of Chester Bennington’s death. Powerful stuff.

The video is a brutal yet brilliant set piece, the song is a fun, energetic number, typical of Panic at the Disco.

I don’t know why, but this song is great to reminisce to, especially about those lazy summer days and nights as a kid.

A great, ferocious song from a brilliant voice. I adored Christina Aguilera at one point, and let’s be honest, I still do. More than once she transformed herself, taking ownership of her talents, forging her own identity. This song shows her fighting spirit.

This isn’t a typical Aerosmith song, but it works and works really well, especially in keeping with the movie it’s from. Passionate, beautiful, intensely vocalised, it has everything.

Lyrically I love this fast-paced song. The video is bonkers.

Yes of course Hakuna Matata makes the list! How could it not?! The original version will always be superior but I will say that the new version is a lot of fun too, easily a highlight of the remake. Who doesn’t love this upbeat number?!

The Princess and the Frog is retold in superb fashion by Disney, and the music evokes images of New Orleans, jazz clubs and people letting their hair down after long days. Anika Noni Rose not only plays Tiana but provides the singing voice too, and with Almost There she demonstrates she can really belt out a tune. Listen for the final note – it’s incredible.

Another Panic at the Disco song, and another fun, uplifting song, great to listen to pretty much anywhere.

This song used to be the anthem of the BBC’s Formula 1 coverage. Hearing the guitar thrum towards the end meant it was time to go racing.

Everything by Linkin Park is primal. It’s untempered emotion. Numb is no exception. Powerful, passionate, intelligent, it’s everything one expects from Chester and Mike.

Sing it for everyone. That’s all I can say about this one.

This song played immediately after my daughter was born. It speaks of remembering where we’ve come from, even as we look to the future. This will always be a relevant message.

This is one of the songs my wife and I danced to on our wedding day. It reminds me of how important she is to me. She has kept me grounded, kept things ‘real’. I honestly don’t know who I’d be without her.

I can go on. There are many many possibilities with this, many songs that have served to inspire. On a different day some of them would have made this list. I hope you enjoy!

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