Kwarteng Crashes our Currency

The other day, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng introduced tax cuts that will disproportionately benefit those who are already extremely well off. Given Mr Kwarteng’s background in hedge funds (see Odey Asset Management), is it any wonder that he would take measures to help out his rich mates? I can only assume that Mr Kwarteng, like PM Liz Truss, is allied to the failure of trickle-down economics (a model that has never worked, yet our Tory government seems determined to press ahead with).

Mr Kwarteng’s mini budget has benefited those betting against the Pound, and in a big way (it wouldn’t surprise me if senior Tories with ties to hedge funds are milking this). The Pound is now at its weakest point against the Dollar in history, and such a weak currency means the cost of anything we import will go up. All this Tory waffle about levelling up and growing the economy doesn’t mean anything, if no one, aside from the Tories and their rich mates, can afford anything! They have ground this country under their arrogant, elitist books for 12 years, and enough is enough. We need them gone, and whilst Labour are far from perfect, they are the only party with any hope of ousting the current shit-show. It’s not a question of if the Tories fuck up again, it’s a question of when and how, but they will, and they’re taking the country down with them. Enough is enough.

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