July TV Show Photo Challenge!

I’ve seen Carla, Rae and B.G do the Movie Challenge – now is the time of the TV Show Challenge, and this is one I’ll be doing! Without further preamble, this is the list for the month:


First up is Favourite TV Show.

This is not easy. After boiling away the options (from comedy classics like Blackadder and The League of Gentlemen, to epic fantasy shows like Game of Thrones) I am left with two clear choices.



The Next Generation is where my love of Star Trek began. I would watch it with my mum (a first-generation Trekkie) and it’s something we shared. TNG gave us some fantastic moments, including the infamous ‘Best of Both Worlds’ cliffhanger (which has to rate as one of the most dramatic cliffhangers of all time) and loveable characters (Data). That being said, my favourite series is Deep Space Nine.

Why? Because it had gravitas. Actions had consequences, sometimes very serious ones, and the characters were more fleshed out. The Federation was shown in a different light, and we saw the effects of war upon these supposedly superior human beings. Nothing beats DS9 for me.

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