Johnson – Incompetent and Cowardly

Tories have enjoyed the benefits of a media biased towards them, convieniently ignoring how we’ve had nine years of Tory leadership, and in that time, we’ve seen a staggering rise in poverty, a huge rise in food bank use, the cruelty of Universal Credit, the shredding of public services, and an unelected Prime Minister who within a few days had lost his government’s majority in Parliament due to incompetence.

The proof is in the way Johnson can get selfies with Phil and Holly, despite being openly racist and sexist (and unapologetic for it), whilst Corbyn gets grilled. It’s in how Johnson has run away from interviews that might be even remotely tough, and barely gets called out for it. Not only is he incompetent, he’s a coward.

This is how far the NHS has fallen under the Tories, and Johnson cannot even muster the courage to look at the human cost.

How can this shambolic man negotiate a Brexit deal that will benefit the country, when he can’t do anything but rattle off tired mantras?

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