It’s Not a People Problem

In recent times, David Thiessen (who now appears stubbornly determined not to link to my site, or refer to me by any name when quoting me), responded to a recent post of mine about the Club Q shooting. Not for the first time, David manages to completely miss the mark, and proves yet again that pesky details like facts are a hindrance to him. Oh, and updating the link later on doesn’t mean anything. For some reason, it has fallen beyond his ability to perform the simple task of copying and pasting a link. This keeps happening, and his excuses are dubious at best.

Every time there is a shooting and someone gets killed, the disarmament groups get on their high horse and start blaming guns. Why they do this we do not know, except that they hate guns and think they have the right to force their hatred on others.

If David bothered to read my posts, he would come to understand that I don’t advocate for a gun ban in the US. I believe there needs a shift in thinking, and a few different approaches to gun control measures wouldn’t go amiss. After all, the current status quo clearly isn’t changing anything.

Do I hate guns? I don’t hate them, but I certainly don’t like them. We don’t have them here in the UK, and for all of my country’s faults, I believe the UK is a fundamentally safer country than the USA. I’ve never felt the desire to own a gun, and I can’t say I’d feel comfortable even holding one. I call guns what they are: deadly weapons. They are designed to take life, and they have become exceptionally good at it. I don’t want or need to have a deadly weapon here.

(In response to me asking when will enough be enough)

We have to ask the same question. When will telling the truth about these killings be enough and the left drops their anti-gun position? We have yet to see a gun load itself, point it at someone, and command those people to pick them up and shoot at someone else.

This old chestnut. ‘Guns don’t kill, people kill’. Technically true, but the statistical truth that 79% of all US murders involve firearms goes to prove something, namely that it’s a lot easier to kill with an efficient weapon designed for that purpose. That is the inescapable fact about guns – they make it easy for anyone to kill.

It is not a gun problem as the knife murders in Oregon last year and Idaho this year attest. Those attacks are omitted from that quoted source. Surprising isn’t it. Those anti-gun people refuse to see the truth and see that gun violence is a people/sin problem, not a gun problem.

These anti-gun groups and individuals just do not see past the trees and see the real problem. If they did, we may see some better results. They are blinded by their hatred for guns and instead of solving the problem, they just let it continue through some other form of violence.

We get to the nuts and bolts of David’s argument, and we see falsehoods at work. Knives don’t account for nearly as many murders as guns do in the USA, yet David is attempting – dishonestly I might add – to create an equivalence between the two types of weapon. He genuinely seems to believe that if we resolved the imaginary bogeyman of sin, gun crime would cease. He references knife attacks (and in his post, references them again) in a bid to imply they’re as frequent as mass shootings. His dishonest implication is wrong.

For every example of a knife attack (and his post even references a bombing), I can provide an example of ten mass shootings in the USA. I can direct him to numerous sources that demonstrate how the US problem with gun murders dramatically exceeds knife murders across several other countries.

To begin, we have Pew Research, with data from 2020:

Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) U.S. murders in 2020 – 19,384 out of 24,576 – involved a firearm. That marked the highest percentage since at least 1968, the earliest year for which the CDC has online records.

As previously referenced from here, the US murder rate is considerably greater than the UK’s, France’s, Japan’s, Canada’s, Australia’s, and Germany’s, and that is true of US murders involving only guns. There are numerous articles that demonstrate there is a serious problem with gun violence in the US. David’s counter to this is a bunch of references to rare events involves knives, anecdotes about biker gangs, and more references to sin. It seems he cannot compute the obvious – ease of access and lack of gun control makes it a lot easier for people to acquire lethal weapons, who then use them to kill.

Update 25/11: David left a comment (which is not going to be permitted), complaining that I’d missed the point, yet he did not address how or why that was the case (which is not surprising). He also tried to assert that his name is David Tee. Well, if he wants to be referred to anything other than his birth name, David needs to show more respect to myself, and a few others. He knows what my terms are, it’s up to him to behave to the required standard. We’ll see if he can.

Update 26/11: David is continuing to assert that ‘sin’, and not the incredible firepower at people’s fingertips, is the reason people kill. The thing is, why people kill isn’t the point I was making, and David failed to grasp this (which isn’t a shock, he does love a red herring fallacy).

I pointed out that guns make it easier to kill. I provided links (as I have done on many occasions) that prove this. This is a fact. David can bury his head in the sand, but nothing changes this fact.

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