It’s Crunch Time

Thursday 23rd June 2016 is going to be remembered as a pivotal day in British history. Voters will hit the polling booths up and down the country to decide if we remain a part of the European Union, or if we leave. The ramifications of this decision will impact not only us but our children, and their children, so it is vital we get it right.

There’s been a lot of scare-mongering, from both sides of the debate. The Remain campaign promises economic misery if we go, whilst Brexit insist we’ll have an immigration and sovereignty nightmare if we stay.

Personally, and really due to what my gut tells me, I believe we should remain.  The EU is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a complete leap in the dark to leave, not least of economically, and several major businesses are suggesting there will be major problems for us if we go.

There’s also the opinions of a wide range of political figures, scientists, economic figures and historians:


Brexit campaigners can (and have) pointed to how non-EU nations have negotiated trade arrangements with the EU, but negotiation is a two-way process; there are no promises we’ll be able to get similar deals. The EU wants us to stay – will they make it easy for us to go it alone? That might seem manipulative, but Britain contributes a great deal to the EU, and this is a barrel we can hold them over as much as they can do to us. It’s in everyone’s interests for Britain to stay.

So, I’ll be voting remain.

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