Is race-mixing a ‘sin’?

I’m annoyed with myself. I found a post, and promptly lost it again, via this site, that spoke of ‘miscegenation’. miscegenation is defined as sexual relationships or reproduction between people of different ethnic groups, especially when one of them is white. It is intended (at least according to some sources) to be a derogatory term.

The argument against mixed-race relationships (especially sexual ones) is, in this particular instance (I found the right link!) framed around the idea of racial purity. God created the different races, and thought they were all, as individual races, very good. Through the use of a number of Bible quotes, the author of the post attempts to justify why interracial relationships shouldn’t happen, because to do so is to sully these good creations of the Lord.

I imagine some Christians do not interpret the Bible in such a manner. In fact, I know some of them don’t. What this does serve to show, yet again, is how the Bible is open to all sorts of interpretations, and those who make these interpretations will always believe, unflinchingly, that their interpretation is better than someone else’s. Personally, as someone who does not rely on the Bible as a compass, I do not care who gets into a relationship with who, as far as race is concerned.

I personally know some mixed-race couples, and there is nothing about their relationships that diminishes anything, for anyone. I would argue that if God did not want racial mixing, they could have rendered it genetically impossible. Since they left that door open, so to speak, it can’t be that big of a deal.

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