In Preparation for the Faith Healing Duel…

Last night and this morning I had a brief conversation with someone on Twitter concerning the relationship between religion and science. I’ll leave you, the reader, to decide if I was insulting in any way. I will also add the caveat, as always, that I do not consider everyone of every faith to be in the same place regarding their views. All things exist on a spectrum.

The original tweet…

My first reply.

Travis makes an accusation…

Can anyone actually spot the name-calling? Or is that a means of evading further discussion?

This is where the conversation ends. I can gladly provide links to the claims about 38% of Americans believing in creationism (and we’re speaking of Young Earth Creationism here), as well as 72% believing prayer can cure disease (including ones incurable by current medical science). These are symptoms of the way in which some portions of organised religion continue to undermine science. In the case of medical situations, this can have deadly consequences.

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