Ignorance and Hubris

You have to love the deeply ironic – and arrogant – positions that some people take up, when they think they’re being clever. David Thiessen of Theology Archaeology responded to this post of mine, and also ‘addressed’ what Jill Dennison had to say in her excellent post. I shall quote his text in purple, and Jill’s in green.

One of the drawbacks to the invention of the internet is that it opened up the world to the opinions and not-so-intelligent thoughts of the uneducated. The world is now inundated with subjective thoughts from people who think they are right in their own eyes.

Oh yes indeed David, some people do indeed insist they are right, even after they are demonstrably wrong. Do not think I have forgotten our conversation on discrimination and employer’s rights, all those years ago, nor your claim I am transgender (not that it would matter if I were, but I never claimed to be). Nor have I forgotten our more recent ‘discussion’ around the Church and taxation, nor our conversation on faith healing, nor our debates on gun deaths and gun control. I recall our conversations on abortion too (where David removed fact-driven links, what a surprise). I am struggling to think of anyone who does as good a job as David Thiessen does of distorting facts. He is a master at taking subjective thoughts, and considering them to be fact, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Perhaps David should heed his own advice, and reconsider his ignorant arguments? Will he remove the beams from his eyes? I doubt it…

Take for example, his major splitting of hairs. Here, he is responding to the question of whether or not the USA is a democracy, which wasn’t actually the point being raised, but leave it to David to be obtuse and awkward. I was exploring the question of whether the USA is now a plutocracy, which David would know, if he had bothered to properly read my post, and Jill’s. Context is key, yet David often seems determined to ignore context.

One example is this question:

Is the USA, as it currently stands, truly a democracy? (MM)

This question has been asked a myriad of times over the past few years and every time it is asked, those that are educated and know the correct answer get frustrated at seeing it pop up over and over again.

The answer is that America is NOT a democracy.

America is a republic and not a pure democracy. The contemporary efforts to weaken our republican customs and institutions in the name of greater equality thus run against the efforts by America’s Founders to defend our country from the potential excesses of democratic majorities. (Source)

The Washington Post backs this up with the following words:

The United States is not a direct democracy, in the sense of a country in which laws (and other government decisions) are made predominantly by majority vote. Some lawmaking is done this way, on the state and local levels, but it’s only a tiny fraction of all lawmaking. But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy. (Source)

Emphasis mine. One of David’s own sources makes it clear, in the very text he quotes, that the USA is a form of democracy! This is off-topic (which as I alluded to, David would know if he read my post properly, and took into account context), but it is hilarious that he would contradict himself with his own quotation! You might also want to read this site, which breaks down why describing the USA as both a republic and a democracy is perfectly valid.

Next, David goes off on a rant – for a Christian, he sure seems opposed to people who protest against inequalities in our world. I thought Jesus preached about generosity and kindness and sharing? Or did he charge people for the bread and fish in John 6:1-14? It seems that would be very in keeping with David’s true philosophy…

People do get confused between the two forms of government. That is just one facet of the problem with the free access to the internet we enjoy. Other people write about their personal concepts like it is the gold standard and everyone else should capitulate to their way of doing things:

Everything … literally everything … in the United States is a business. Healthcare is a business. Prescription drugs are a business. Education is a business. These things are all venues of profit for the already-wealthy, carefully guarded by members of Congress who are beholden to those with the money. This, my friends, is capitalism run amok. Today’s Congress is afraid to take a single step forward for the people without consulting with the owners of the fossil fuel, pharmaceutical, technology industries and others. Environmental regulations? Not if they’re going to cut into the profits of corporate America! Affordable or universal healthcare? You’re kidding, right? Affordable insulin and other life-saving medications? Not a chance. Free college? Who do you think you are? (Source).

Basically, that author’s words demand that America and other democratic nations become socialist and make everything free for all people. This is done regardless of the many examples that show that socialism does not work.

Basically, her article is one big whine because things are not done her way. We see this a lot over the internet. Someone doesn’t like the way things are done, so they whine, cry, and try to hold their breath until they turn blue.

Jill (who David also refuses to name) does not demand anything. She is pointing out that money and profit matter considerably more than the values David claims to believe in. Would Jesus charge for healthcare? Or would he give away life-saving insulin? Would he want to see people priced out of education because his bank balance mattered more? Pointing out these gross inequalities in our society is not whining, David Thiessen. People have every right to be angry with a system that permits huge wastefulness, poverty, and homelessness, when those problems could be resolved. It is also greatly ironic for you to complain David, given your demands that everyone do things your way.

These types of people also do not understand how things work. For example the following quote:

Why do you think the federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 has not been increased since 2009?  (Ibid)

The minimum wage is not supposed to be a career wage. it is a starting point for employees who then learn how to make themselves valuable and move on to better-paying jobs. However, these types of people want to skip that process and be paid a living wage all the time without putting any effort into improving themselves and making them worthy of their employment.

Is David Thiessen aware that the wages of CEOs and executives have continued to climb, and corporate profits have rapidly risen, yet the minimum wage has remained virtually static? People are working hard, for a pittance, and that is not right or just. It is not right that people who work long hours should have to choose between heating, eating, or medication, yet that is the world that David Thiessen, a supposedly good, pious Christian, seems to prefer.

MM said in a post that “Not for the first time, Jill Dennison has written an excellent post,” No she has not as she is trampling on the rights of those who disagree with her and want to see the country go in a direction other than being destroyed.

Her focus is on superficial issues that will change with the wind when that time arrives. The only way to get get a government that is fair, equal,(not equity), just, honest, is to elect those men that are true Christians.

They understand that they need to govern in a way that pleases God and helps all the people in the nation. You are not going to get any solutions to the problems that plague all nations be electing more secular people.

Spare the pointless sermon David. You clearly don’t believe in half the values you claim to uphold, and there’s no way a Christian government would be fair to everyone. We all know it would roll back women’s rights, damage the LGBT community, and there’s no telling what would happen to the rest of society. There’s absolutely no logic in claiming Jill wants to trample the rights of others, but when was logic David Thiessen’s strong suite? Does he really believe a society that puts profit ahead of people is as good as we can manage, and is that what the Bible teaches? Methinks he needs to go back and read it again. He can start with Luke 16:10–15.

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