If you Could…

Greetings ‘kats!

I may or may not turn this into a series of regular posts, but I’ve been inspired by a tweet to try something… If I Could…

The premise is easy enough. What if I could do <insert idea here>? To begin, we’ll tackle the question posed by Ms Duane’s tweet…

The trouble with this question is that it presumes I have any useful knowledge! I’m sitting here, rummaging through my grey matter, trying to figure out what useful skills I have that could earn me a decent Middle Ages living. My understanding of modern bathrooms wouldn’t assist me with actually producing such items, and as for technology like phones etc… hmm.

This isn’t exactly an inspiring start to this new series is it?

Maybe I could make money by successfully demonstrating my knowledge of future events to the rulers of whatever country I wind up in. I could either command a considerable fee for my services, or end up burned at the stake for sorcery. Hopefully it would be the former. I’ll let you, the reader, decide on the ethics of changing the future.

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