‘If we can’t defend the earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.’

My wife and I have been taking a journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe since first seeing Captain Marvel. Tonight we are back at Captain Marvel as part of our epic re-watch. Tomorrow we complete that journey with Infinity War, leaving us at the end. The endgame.

It’s not the end of the MCU. That we already know, but it feels like a major transition. This is the grand finale of a story arc that started eleven years ago and has spanned 21 films before reaching Endgame. It’s a year of finales and transitions, with Game of Thrones soon to reach its climax, Star Trek Discovery undergoing a major change with the conclusion of season two, and Star Wars concluding the sequel trilogy at the end of the year. Whilst these are of course fictional journeys, with fictional characters, the emotions they produce are very real, and with so many adventures either drawing to a close or undergoing seismic shifts, it’s going to be an emotional year, starting this Friday.

It’s been amazing to watch the disparate elements of the MCU weave together, split apart again, then overlap and tie themselves back once again. I’ll never be quite sure how much of this was planned in advance and how much was the result of opportunity. Either way, I am grateful to have been a part of this glorious ride, and I cannot wait until Friday!


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