If Meerkats Could… Erase One Species

It has been a while since I indulged in the ‘If Meerkats Could’ series, and it returns with a bit of a bang. I ask the question, what if I could remove one species from planet earth?

Assuming I had to, I’d pick wasps.

yellow jacket wasp macro photography
Photo by David Hablützel on Pexels.com

I think they’re horrible, angry wannabe bees. I once had a wasp climb up my nose (I’d been told to freeze when a wasp got near me, so the bloody thing decided, for whatever reason, to land on my face, and explore my nostrils), and I can’t say I was too thrilled by the experience. I also doubt I’m alone among people who’ve had barbecues and outdoor excursions ruined – or at least dented – by the unwanted arrival of these pests. I’m pretty sure wasps do serve some form of ecological function, but I despise them. Bees are good. I don’t have any problems with bees. Granted, I don’t want bees to crawl around on me, but a bee will only sting you if it’s desperate, and can only sting you once. Wasps on the other hand…

I suppose, if I could choose whether or not to actually render an entire species extinct, I’d choose not to. Having that power would not sit well with me. However, these scenarios usually require you to exercise your power, so wasps, I’m sorry, but you’d be for the chop.

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