I am a Witness…. to Something… Apparently

The other day someone knocked on the door. I hear you say ‘that’s not unusual’. Ok, fair enough, at this point, all is normal. I opened the door, and was asked by the chap outside what I knew about a car being stolen a few weeks earlier. I returned a blank expression and mentioned that I knew nothing about this. In response, the chap said I’d been seen witnessing the event.

Yeeaaaaaaah…. no. I can say conclusively that I haven’t witnessed any car thefts, or any other kinds of thefts, in my area, in the recent past. I asked which neighbour had told them I’d watched this happen, to which the guy simply made his excuse to exit the conversation.

At this point my meerkat sense was tingling. Something felt amiss. I messaged another neighbour who proceeded to invite me over to have a chat about it, for there was indeed more to this than meets the eye. It turns out the guy who’d originally knocked on my door lives only a few doors down, so everyone involved all lives in the same immediate area. It also turns out the car was towed away by the local council, rather than stolen, though apparently I’m still a witness to that.

Again, that would be a no. If a car was being towed, I’d pay it no mind, for it wouldn’t be my business to get involved in, or I might have assumed it was broken down and being towed to a garage. I certainly don’t know anyone locally who works in the trade of towing cars away on behalf of local authorities.

So we had a bit of excitement, and now it’s over. At least, I think it’s over. I can only assume there’s been a case of mistaken identity, among other oddities in this tale.

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