Horrendous Reasoning, P3 (Content warnings for discussion of rape, child abuse)

David has once again replied to my previous post, and once again it is a ghastly lot of fake accusations, and not much else.

We knew that MM would respond again and as usual, he thinks his ways are better than God’s. He provided no real answer to this problem except to continue to sin and disobey God. Why he and other unbelievers do this is mystifying.

After thousands of years, the unbelieving way has not produced any solutions to the problems of this world. In fact, their ways have made things worse. One would think that they would have learned their lesson by now but because they do not want God involved in anything in life, they continue down the same failed path day after day.

Where have I proclaimed to have all the answers, or that I am ‘better than God’? I reject David’s singular interpretation of one faith, especially an interpretation that permits forcing children to have babies, despite the awful cost to their well-being. That’s all.

However, I would love to know what problems the unbelieving world has failed to address, and what solutions David’s version of faith can offer. How would he address climate change? The cost of living crisis? Gun violence? If the answer is ‘faith and prayer’, then that’s a non-answer. What tangible, actual actions can David suggest to solve the problems the world currently faces? What tangible actions solved serious problems in the past that non-believers failed to resolve? I eagerly await his fact-driven answer, and the sources to back up his claims.

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