Haters gonna Hate

With Star Trek Picard officially confirmed as having a second season and strong rumours that Star Trek Discovery will soon have a fourth season confirmed, it seems CBS are confident enough in their products to renew them before the new seasons have even aired. Whilst the ‘anti’ crowd have been whipping up suggestions that PIC is in deep trouble and that DSC faces imminent cancellation, reality, as usual, plays out quite differently.

The sensationalist YouTubers like Doomcock and his ilk might love to talk of their ‘trusted sources’, yet they have repeatedly been exposed as either flat wrong, or they are just plain dishonest. I can’t help but wonder that they are simply trying to grab likes and clicks for their channels, in order to make money out of them. There are plenty of people who blindly accept the deceit these YouTubers put out; sheep, following their masters, without even remotely stopping to consider the stream of failures and inaccuracies we see.

There is so much desperation to tarnish DSC that on Facebook, I saw one person argue the absence of the season 3 trailer from Netflix was a sign season 3 might not happen. This particular claim was made in response to the rumours of season 4, a piece of incredible reaching if ever I saw it. It would not surprise me if the person making the claim also believed season 2 would never come to pass, and it’s quite astonishing to think anyone might believe the studio would pull the plug on season 3 now. The trailer revealed actors in elaborate prosthetics, the construction of sets and the use of SFX, time-consuming and costly exercises that indicate a show well into production and well-backed. Such is the almost irrational hatred for the show in some quarters, that some absurd arguments will get made.

PIC is happening, and will be back for a second series. DSC is happening, and the signs point to a fourth season. Dislike the shows all you want, but spreading some idiotic ideas around cancellations won’t make you look credible.

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