Fundamentalism: A Scourge Upon Society

I regularly read The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. Bruce has become quite dear to me. His forthright approach to extremist evangelicals is refreshing and entertaining, and his willingness to lay everything bare, despite knowing that said evangelicals will try to pick apart his words, is brave and noble.

Recently, he made two posts that highlight how fundamentalism is a disease upon good society. Example one relates to racism. Below is the video Bruce shared.

Mr Gray Sr attempts to make all the right noises about welcoming black people into the Church, yet from the sound of things, if a mixed-race couple wished to marry, they would not be welcome. This is knuckle-dragging racism at its finest. It’s pretty overt, for one thing, yet there is the classic undercurrent of false appearances. ‘I’ll welcome them to my Church, I’ll claim to be acting in the best interests of my entire community, but two people in love wanting to get married? Well then, the colour of your skin just became the single most important factor to me’.

The best part is, there are many of deep Christian beliefs who would reject this message wholeheartedly, or at least, they would if they read the Bible. Where does it forbid marriage on the grounds of skin colour?

Example two is of unashamed misogyny.

To put it bluntly, no Mr Hyles, women are not ‘asking for it’ if they wear bathing suits, or dress to be comfortable in hot weather. The responsibility for not raping rests with the would-be rapist. If you are concerned that the sight of a woman in a bikini might set you off, don’t go to the beach, ever. If the sight of a woman in a short skirt might lead you to rape, remove yourself from the public arena. There is no set of circumstances where you can excuse your actions due to how a woman is dressed. Mr Hyle is a complete dinosaur.

These fundamentalists are determined to impact public life in various ways. They selfishly try to force their views upon everyone else. You need only look at how Republicans are banning books in Florida, as but one example of the drive to deny anyone who is not a white, conservative Christian a voice. Fundamentalists are working tirelessly to influence the US political arena, and have no respect for the Constitution’s First Amendment.

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