Feeling Vindicated

It’s quite a satisfying feeling when you realise that you’re right about something, especially if the argument/dispute has been quite bitterly contested. Well, the other day I got to enjoy that feeling.

wpid-wp-1445547821791.jpg(oh yes, lets rub those hands together with glee!)

As anyone who has followed this site and blog is aware, I’ve had a few disputes with a YouTube poster by the name of Idazmi7. In his most recent posture-filled posts, he had been accusing me of deleting posts of his and that I was doing so out of fear of his arguments. Neither allegation is true, and I can’t say I was pleased to see his unfounded accusations. I gave him fair warning to retract them, or else I would have little choice but to report his posts to YouTube for Terms of Service violations. Flash forward a few weeks and it gives me great pleasure to report that his offending comments are gone.

So as far as I’m concerned, this is a victory. Now, if only he would agree to an honest debate, on a third-party site, where he knows neither of us have any power to edit or delete posts!

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