False Allegations

By and large, I have tried to ignore the posts and comments directed at me from David Thiessen, the author of Theology Archaeology. However, he stepped over the line with an unsubstantiated allegation, made over on Citizen Tom’s site:

On a side note, do you want to know what MM or his friend BG or their readers do to me every time their content is refuted– they sign me up for allsorts of newsletters and emails. It is juvenile at best and very immature.

I cannot speak for Bruce and his followers, but I for one have never signed David up to anything. His allegation against me is therefore a lie, and unsurprisingly, he has not provided any evidence to support his allegation. This is yet another example of deception on David’s part, and slurs against me will not be tolerated. I await either his provision of evidence, or an apology and retraction of his claim.

UPDATE 8/9/23:

Well, David responded, and he was typically unwilling to be reasonable:

When people make allegations sometimes it is an attempt to get to the truth. While he provides no evidence that he did not do what was said about signing us up at different websites, we will take him at his word.

But he can’t prove his readers didn’t do it either. Will we apologize? No, as MM has supported and accepted false claims, as well as saying some fairly nasty things about us as well. Without apology or repentance.

His credibility like BGs is nil.

David is not one to squawk about false claims. Not only is this not the first time he has issued false claims about me, it is not the first time he has been unrepentant in his dishonesty. He has given me zero reason to trust him, and I have merely given what I got in terms of treatment. He is fully aware that it is his credibility that’s non-existent.

Nor do I have to disprove his allegation. If he had any integrity, he would either substantiate it, or retract it, but he will take the coward’s way out, and do neither.

I responded:

Why would I have to prove I didn’t do as you claim? You made an unsubstantiated allegation, and therefore the emphasis is on *you* to back it up. This is merely *another* demonstration of your long history of failing to take responsibility for your actions and behaviour.

All David could retort with was this:

And MM has not proven that he or his readers did not do that. He has no soapbox or moral ground to stand on.

Some people need to stop getting emotional over every comment and stop taking everything personally.

He makes a personal accusation, then says I shouldn’t take it personally… whilst continuing to fail to back up his claims. He should be ashamed of his dishonesty, which is not a good trait for a Christian.

Like I said, it is not up to me to do anything. You made a claim, *you* are therefore responsible for backing it up. We both know you can’t. Like I said, just another example of you running away from your responsibility… and you have the nerve to have called me a coward before…

Will David show some decency, or will he continue to evade taking responsibility?

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