‘Everyone is brainwashed, except those on my side’

The title is more or less the argument framed by some bloggers who have a distinctly ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards ‘the other side’. In this instance, one particular blogger who I have clashed with before (it’s not who you think) had made several blog posts that purport to show how enlightened they are, and how they follow reason. Some of these posts certainly seem very… self-congratulatory (or at least verging on it). To me they seem arrogant, and arrogance has certainly been the theme of our brief conversations.

They appear particularly against the idea of masks, vaccines and other covid measures. To this individual, following the various measures to control the pandemic represent closed minds and brainwashing. I’d argue that the conspiracy theorists who let distorted ‘evidence’ lead their conclusions are in fact more brainwashed than the people who are diligently following the rules to fight this disease. Drinking anti-vaxxer kool-aid isn’t a good look, and it’s not an indicator of enlightenment, any more than embracing Donald Trump’s philosophies is a good look, or arguing that schools are propaganda camps. I wonder if the latter argument is made because schools aren’t teaching the sort of ‘facts’ this individual wants taught, as opposed to any actual propaganda?

It would be fascinating to see actual facts presented by this person, as opposed to the wishy-washy statements presented thus far.

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