Early Performances

Well, I’d said to myself that if I made £25 by Christmas I’d judge my book to be a reasonable success. The Ebook launched on the 9th and has already made me £14.58, plus another £3.08 in paperback sales – and there’s been one paperback sold in Germany, earning me €1.48 (don’t ask me what that is in £s).

It’s very early days, but the (admittedly low) target I set for myself looks like it will be breached in fairly short order. On top of that, I’ve submitted the book to a few promotional sites, in the hope of winning attention. Naturally, I’m shouting about it on here, so forgive me if you end up seeing a lot of posts about the book!

Beyond that, it’s a case of getting used to full-time work again. The early starts demanded by my employers are fine, but they do take it out of me. I’m not complaining – I have a job, which in these trying times is a big deal, and something I am grateful for. That doesn’t mean that I’m not tired most of the time!

You never know – maybe I’ll earn enough money off the back of writing to then land a major TV and film deal and retire. In about 50 years.

The Awakening is out now!

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