‘Don’t Listen to Unbelievers’

Is this the message from TEWSNBN?!

The key is not to listen to unbelieving people. They do not have the truth in this world. Only God has that. The unbelieving lawyers and accusers are blind, lost, and in need of a savior. They have nothing to offer the Christian world.

I sincerely hope he is not suggesting that any time a non-Christian makes an allegation against a Christian, that allegation should be dismissed?!

We have looked at all the evidence, even before Defending Ravi began posting their facts. We came to a different conclusion than the Alliance and the majority of the world. Mr. Zacharias was innocent.

The Final Report was done by a law frim described as very woke:

Miller & Martin  are a super-woke business law firm specialising in litigation.(source)

Being ‘woke’ is not the same as having the truth, knowing the truth, or being biblical. It has no place in Christian investigations. Instead, being ‘woke’ hides the truth and seeks to appease instead of providing true justice.

Who described Miller & Martin as woke, and why assume this automatically a bad thing? It seems the site TEWSNBN quotes from is far from a decisive source on the matter anyway. Also, TEWSNBN claims to have looked at all the evidence, but I doubt he has access to all the evidence, and he is not qualified in criminal law. In fact, as far as I am aware, he is not qualified in any form of law.

There’s more. TEWSNBN has churned out a third Domestic Violence article.

Among the ‘highlights’:

You have to make sure you meet the legal standard of the country you live in to make sure your case is taken seriously. The fad of raising accusations 20, 30, 50, and even 10 years after the fact is wrong.

It is not doing anyone any good and makes a mess of the legal system. You have to play by the rules if you want to be heard. That means you need to be brave, go to the hospital RIGHT AFTER the abuse occurred, and get medical documentation of your injuries or sexual abuse.

Do NOT shower right after sexual abuse incidents as that destroys the evidence you need to prove your case. You may want to get clean but that can wait a few hours so the police have the evidence they need to help stop the abuse from continuing.

There are numerous reasons why an allegation may take place many years after any given event. As TEWSNBN is well-aware of, victims can be coerced, manipulated and threatened into silence or compliance. Shame is often wielded against victims of sexual crime, and historically this has been the case even from the very authorities the victims might turn to. Often victims have reported crimes and gone to hospital or to police stations and been dismissed. It can take years for them to fully process what’s happened, and to develop the strength to come forward. It’s time TEWSNBN stopped being so dismissive of the many reasons why a victim won’t – or even can’t – come forward immediately.

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