Domestic Violence 2

It seems the responses of both Bruce and I have prompted TEWSNBN to reply. You can see his ‘rebuttal’ here, though it is nothing more than a string of affirmations about the ‘good Christian way’ to deal with domestic violence. I will however address his direct quote of myself:

I’ve been weighing up a response of my own. TEWSNBN certainly has some odd takes on subjects like this. I don’t understand how any reasonable person can believe violence is not grounds for divorce.

This is a quote at the end of the current string of quotes at that link. It is always amazing to read how unbelievers think they have solutions to life’s problems. They all have the same attitude that they are greater than God.

Yet, over the past 6,000 to 10,000 years they have yet to solve one problem. All the problems that existed in Adam’s day, in Noah’s day, in King David’s Day, and in Jesus’s day continue to exist today.

They do not have the answers for the world. they just have more of the same injustice, violence, lying, and so on. One would think they would give up trying and look to Jesus to solve their problems. He is the only one who can.

So, we are told unbelievers have solved none of the world’s problems. Well, when was the last time Christianity solved anything? If we’re told victims of domestic abuse should stay with their abusers, we’re looking at a scenario that actually makes the problem worse. Christianity – alongside other organised religions – has endorsed misogyny and even violence throughout its history.

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