Disingenuous Nit-Picks

The following is the fundie’s mangling of English

4. atheists, humanists, pagans, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Catholics, Buddhists, indigenous people, LGBTQ people, Democrats, liberals, socialists, or any of the other people they consigned to Hell in this life

This is a mistake as it leaves out a keyword. That keyword is ‘former’. There will be atheists, Muslims. LGBTQ community members, democrats, indigenous people, liberals, and so on in heaven.

Just add the word ‘former’ in front of each of those words and you get the correction of that mistake. Former atheists, former Muslims, former LGBTQ people, and on it goes. Unless they repent and become former whatever they were, they won’t go to heaven.

What an unbelievable and disingenuous nit-pick. If they’re ‘former’ atheists, Muslims etc, then by definition, they are not atheists, Muslims, LGBT, and therefore Bruce’s original point stands.

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