Defence of the Indefensible

I would like to regard myself as being fairly placid (though Mario Kart and Football Manager can still put this notion to the test). However, sometimes, when people who know nothing of fatherhood assert to judge my parenting skills… Well, prepare for a response.

A preacher or a teacher does not have to be married to bring God’s truth to parents. He has to love God and be willing to teach the truth. God has already laid out what parents are to do. In Deut. 4, God tells Moses to tell the people to raise their children by teaching them his ways, etc. Having an abortion or making a child have an abortion is not part of God’s ways. God has done all the hard work, the human Christian just has to learn from God and apply the Biblical teaching in the correct manner. We are not dictating to anyone but informing them of what God wants them to do. All parents have free choice to obey God or not. The key for the preacher and for the parents is to make sure they are telling and hearing the truth. Preachers and teachers should not add their own personal views to God’s word so that the parents can clearly hear God. Parents are to please and obey God but they cannot do that unless they understand and know God’s word correctly. That is where the pastor and teacher come in. God has chosen pastors and teachers to inform the people of his ways. It is up to those two groups to make sure they heard correctly, learn the lessons God wants them to learn then pass it on to the people. We are not dictating but informing.

Emphasis mine. What David says, he immediately contradicts. He would love to force people to live by his ideals, and he has made that abundantly clear on multiple occasions. I have no idea why he referenced marriage at the start of his paragraph.

This is one reason why we stopped talking to MM. He keeps thinking he can read our minds and then accuse us of things we never thought of. It gets very tiring being falsely accused publicly and we wish he would stop lying about what is in our minds and hearts.

We teach God’s way here not our own and last time we looked, we advocated for no new laws to be implemented governing unbelievers’ lives and how they raise their families. Nor have we run for office to do the same thing.

I call a spade a spade. There is virtually nothing to do distinguish what David wants for society and what a literal interpretation of the Bible dictates. They are one and the same. David has frequently called the LGBT selfish for wanting to exist, and has made it clear women are to be subservient to men, even where their own bodies are concerned.

I’ll never force my daughter into any action she was not happy with.

Then he is not a good father. His job as a father is to guide his children towards God and teach them God’s ways and statutes. His job as a father is to be a moral example, having the wisdom to teach his daughter the truth and the right way to live.

What sanctimonious BS on David’s part. My role as a father is to guide my daughter, but it is extreme arrogance to think this has to include God (especially given God’s moral failings), and for David to speak repeatedly of not forcing views on others, whilst simultaneously declaring he would force children to risk their lives to have a baby) is the mark of a massive hypocrite. How is it good of any father to tell their child that their life is secondary to that of an embryo put within her by force and violence?

There is a stark difference between ensuring my daughter brushes her teeth, and forcing into a course of action that ignores her well-being. I am not surprised that David does not understand this – if the rumours are true, he abandoned his own child, so he is not qualified to judge me or any other parent.

. If, in some horrible scenario (that I hope never happens), she ended up pregnant against her wishes, I cannot see how I could look her in the eyes, and tell her she must risk her own life (and the quality of her life) for the sake of the embryo inside her.

No one said life was easy. We all have to make tough choices and it is better to obey God so children have an example to follow than teach them that disobeying God is okay.

Says who? The guy who allegedly walked out on his kid? I won’t be lectured on parenting from someone who does that, or by someone who has no empathy (and David, spare me the notion that you do – if you did, you would never look a child in the eyes and tell them you expect them to risk their lives, least of all after being raped).

This last quote comes from the last paragraph of his 3rd response to our series on this topic. It is the same strawman arguments he keeps creating to ensure that he does not listen to the truth. That is what we teach.

The Bible lays out all the answers for people to follow. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you addresses many problems. If you want to be fed when you are hungry, then honestly feed those who are without.

That keeps them from being tempted to steal. If you want justice, then be just and fair. Punishment is to lead people to repentance but you cannot get them to repent when there is no justice.

Why do you think we defend certain people accused of committing serious crimes? We like justice and we fight so they can have justice. If they don’t get it, no one gets justice. We are to love mercy as well which is why we have taught that zero tolerance is a sinful and non-christian ideology, not a biblical one.

David either has zero understanding of a strawman, or he has a very good understanding, given that he uses them all the time. I asked him what tangible actions to take that would solve problems unbelievers haven’t solved. His wishy-washy non-answer offers nothing, which is what I expected.

In another post, David complains of being accused of lying, yet I know him to be a liar. He has often accused me – without a shred of supporting evidence – of wanting to force my views on others. That is a lie on his part that he has never justified. In our first conversation, he lied about discrimination laws, and hid my reply. He lied when he called me transgender (not that it would matter if I were). I dread to think as to all the times he has misrepresented Bruce.

From another post:

Their anger and hatred do leave us wondering why they are not going after the man who raped the little girl? You can read all about him at this link. Why are they not writing articles about him and how he has violated the law, not once but at least 2 times?

He is illegal so he has violated federal law and he has raped so he has violated state laws. But we see no hate-filled articles about him or why the federal government is not stopping the flow of illegals into the country.

No, they would rather attack someone who is safe to attack as they know we will not retaliate in any manner. Neither MM nor BG have written articles about that man condemning his actions or presence in the country. He has done something wrong that has injured American citizens.

Yet their focus remains on Christians who only proclaim and live the truth. Something that is not endangering their lifestyles, unlike illegal aliens. because they have no moral foundation, they cannot forgive someone or accept the fact that people disagree with their abortion illegal immigrant views.

Is David serious?! It goes without saying that Bruce and I condemn rape. It also goes without saying that his complaints about immigration reveal kindness is optional in his Bible. Maybe David should look up Ephesians 4:32, Luke 6:35, Exodus 22:21, Hebrews 13:2, and read this.

Moreover, this is a prime example of a strawman. We are dealing with David’s belief that children should be forced to have babies against their will, and with no regard to the risks to their physical or mental well-being. His attempt to change the subject is obvious and transparent.

Returning to the actual subject, does David not know that a ten year-old’s body is not developed enough to handle child-birth? Then again, David did say he would force even a five year-old to have a baby, so he’s demonstrated that either he doesn’t know, or that he just doesn’t care.

I’d like to round off this post with this. There are consequences to forced birth.

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