Customer Fail


Customer: I had this product in my possession for well over two years, but didn’t go to fit it until recently, and it won’t fit properly because of a fault. Why won’t you give me a new one (or the means to get one that will fit, given this product is now discontinued)?

Me: Well, as I explained madam, the guarantee is two years from date of purchase. They are the company rules (not mine), and the company doesn’t regard the product being unopened within that time as a mark of the guarantee being extended.

Customer: That’s unfair, it’s not opened!

Me: The company would argue it could have been checked within the two year period for damage or faults.

Customer: But we couldn’t have known it was faulty until we tried to fit it!

Me, thinking: (why didn’t you try to fit it for two years?): I’m sorry, but that’s policy.

Customer: I won’t be buying from you again!

Me: (I don’t even know if they bought from our store to begin with!)

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