By now, you may have seen on Twitter (if you use it of course) the hashtag ‘Covidiots’. It’s trending a lot because there are plenty of people, all over the world, who seem to think the rules put in place to protect people and save lives do not apply to them. I have a newsflash for those people – it does.

In fact, to put it in a stronger way –

It fucking does you stupid fucking idiots!

Of course, this situation isn’t helped when one of the most powerful men in the world (who happens to be one of the biggest fucking idiots) tweets stuff like this:

My American friends, I do not know how you have endured him. His concerns are based on the economy, rather than peoples’ lives – in others, money for him and his cronies, rather than the safety of the average American.

This has exposed something else. Some people have been campaigning for racial equality for years. Others have fought for LGBT rights. Some have fought Islamophobia. What do Trump MAGAs do? They protest for their right to go to the gym. Yup, the gym, and the bar, and the beach. They behave like they’re oppressed because they have to stay isolated for a few weeks.

It’s… it’s… I don’t even know what it is. I lack the words to fully express my dismay at such behaviour, and it’s not confined to the USA. Here in the UK, the first hint of relaxing the lockdown, combined with a bit of hot weather, saw people travel in droves to beaches, to form large crowds, where this virus can easily spread. I mean, why people??? I fully understand wanting to get out of the house and do stuff. I want normality to return as much as anyone. This doesn’t mean flouting the rules on a serious, deadly disease. Your need to sit in the sand is less important than controlling this thing and ultimately beating it.

There’s more than a hint of the anti-vaxxer mentality here. ‘It won’t happen to me’. ‘The cure does more harm’. Except the cure, or at least the preventative measure, entails little risk to those who stay at home. Can we please start to be sensible as a species?

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