Covid Conversations

So on Twitter, this happened…

Follow the conversation on Twitter to see it in more detail, as in typical Twitter fashion it splits into multiple threads. I’ll include some of the gems in this post, but before I do, some context, in the form of death rates and the number of cases of Covid-19 around the world. There some caveats; different countries use different metrics to report this, but by and large, we gauge how well different countries are handling the pandemic. The UK has the unfortunate distinction of being the nation with the seventh highest death rate in the world, hardly an indication that the government got to grips with this thing early on. In fact, we know they didn’t, for as other countries were initiating lockdowns, Johnson was still babbling about washing hands and herd immunity. Johnson was also slow off the mark to demonstrate he was taking this seriously, missing several COBRA briefings and, before he contracted Covid-19, he was already going AWOL.

On top of this failure, there’s the historical mishandling of the NHS. A decade of austerity has not helped the NHS, leaving it desperately under pressure now. It should not need a 99 year-old to raise funds, (I applaud his efforts by the way), a shameful scenario.

It would seem @rusty_cee doesn’t want to address these facts. It’s apparently unfair to criticise the government at this time. Apparently this situation would have played in a similar fashion regardless of who was in power. I wonder, when will it become acceptable to hold the government to account for failures, both recent and older, that have left us as the 7th worst nation in respect of death rates?

He won’t even discuss this without expecting me to jump through hoops for him, and appears to think the media is biased against the Tories, when anyone with eyes and ears will recall this wasn’t the case during the election campaign. I can only wonder where Rusty gets his news too – what is an appropriate source? One that doesn’t discuss the government’s handling of this? One that doesn’t present the facts?

He seems obsessed with derailing the conversation. For the record, I voted for Corbyn’s Labour during the GE, and would vote for Starmer’s Labour in the future, because anything is better than Johnson and his Tories.

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