Compassion P2

Leave it to David to indulge in a string of distortions (heh), red herrings, and outright insults, in his response to my post from yesterday.

That is the ending message of MM’slatest post concerning our content. In the final 2 paragraphs of his article, he asks 1 important question, at least in his mind, and 1 request:

#1. Where is the compassion for these women from the pro-life crowd? and
#2. I would ask them to show compassion for these women and girls.

Those are odd question and request to make, considering that on the other end of MM’s compassion comes the senseless murder of innocent and defenseless children. We would have to ask, where is his compassion for those young babies?

Is it in his mind that those that are unborn are not worthy of life and are expendable? How can we make that determination when the unborn child cannot speak for him or herself? Then he accuses certain individuals of wanting young mothers to die, by making them carry their babies full-term.

No one has said that but MM puts those words in those certain individuals’ mouths because he likes to frame the narrative in a manner that suits him. He does this regardless of the content he does not like.

Pot, meet kettle. My point, which I clearly need to reiterate for David’s benefit, is that women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related problems, every single day, and sometimes, abortion is the only means to save their lives. Women can and do die when access to safe, legal abortion is unavailable. It is regrettable that sometimes, an abortion is the only means to save a woman’s life, but the woman has every bit as much right to life as anyone else, something David seems to be oblivious of.

Oh, to quote from the link: Pregnancy complications, including placental abruption, bleeding from placenta previa, preeclampsia or eclampsia, and cardiac or renal conditions, may be so severe that abortion is the only measure to preserve a woman’s health or save her life.

Reproduced from another post, to once again point out the medically proven dangers of denying abortion, especially to under-age girls, as pregnancy and childbirth can be extremely dangerous to a woman’s health.(source)

To counter that argument, the medical industry has progressed far enough that the danger of a mother dying is minimal. Why should he demand an abortion when there are medical procedures that can avoid having both people die?

Because David, there are still significant risks to the woman, hence why over 300,000 women die every year from pregnancy and childbirth complications. Yes, that figure has come down (owing to something David has routinely criticised in the past, namely medical science), but that doesn’t alter the reality – every two minutes, a woman dies because of a pregnancy or childbirth-related complication.

Additionally, these complications get worse in cases of under-age girls. Complications during pregnancy and birth are, globally, the leading cause of death among 15-19 year-olds.

If MM had any real compassion, he would not advocate killing someone who cannot defend themselves. That is a coward’s strategy, not a brave man’s act. Instead, he would do everything in his power to bring the proper medical care to those women and help see them through those pregnancies safely.

David, it is enormously ironic that you would call me a coward. You are not in a position to wield accusations. Nor do you focus on facts. Your ‘tid-bits’ are misleading red-herrings. You mentioned unsafe abortions – well, the latest sources I’ve supplied render your arguments bunk, but I doubt you will acknowledge that.

For them, we challenge them to

#1. drop their whining and hatred against God

#2. start bringing proper medical care to those countries that lack it

#3. use their personal resources to get medicine, equipment, etc. to those women

  1. David, I do not hate God, so this is yet another red herring. Why don’t you stop whining about immigrants, the LGBT community etc?
  2. Do you already do this? Are you aware that proper medical care includes abortion, and would not include faith healing (Bruce, I think you’ll get a kick out of that particular ‘debate’!)?
  3. Do you use your personal resources to help the woman you knocked up and then abandoned? Practice what you preach.
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