Clarification Requested…. and Denied

It would seem the wayward ‘Christian’ author of Theology Archaeology is not quite done distorting our latest head-to-head. It seem he either has a short memory, or he is being dishonest, and I suspect I know which.

In a long-winded yet ultimately meaningless rant, he bemoans my lack of understanding of his use of words, and suggested I should have sought clarification of his meaning. What he has managed to completely ignore is that I did seek clarification, privately via email, as per the information I placed into a prior post.

It’s all there in black and white, but he has totally ignored this, and he has declined to clarify his remarks, much as he has quietly, and rather cowardly, walked away from explaining or justifying other remarks. The entire thread of the conversation, complete with links to relevant posts, is contained with my Flights of Fancy post, a post that David has declined to link to or even quote from (perhaps he should take it like a man, and address the post properly?).

It seems highly doubtful that he will apologise for any of his remarks or comments, since he believes he cannot do wrong. However, perhaps there is some small spark of the best elements of Christianity still within him? Hope is more powerful than hate, after all, so let’s hope.

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