Building up to an Epic Adventure – Favourite Zelda Bosses

With less than a month till I get my paws on the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild (many thanks to my mum for helping to make this happen!), it is fair to say I am excited. This is the end of a journey that Nintendo set me on a few years ago, when the first tantalising details of Breath of the Wild first surfaced. Originally I had it in my head that I’d be playing the new Zelda game on the Wii U – but the Switch (formerly the NX) has superceded the Wii U for me. That said, the Nintendo fanboy in me is happy Breath of the Wild will be on both systems – the Switch’s grand bow will also be the Wii U’s swansong, and what an epic one it will be.

In anticipation of the new console and the game, and taking inspiration from this post here, I am taking a look at my favourite bosses from the Zelda games, and in time, I’ll be looking at my favourite Nintendo experiences with other games too. For now though, on to my most enjoyable boss fights! There’s no particular order here, in case you were wondering.

Whilst he’s not necessarily an enjoyable fight in every sense, he makes the list because of the utter satisfaction that comes with kicking his smug arrogant ass. You fight him several times during the course of the game, but when you finally put him down at the end, it feels enormously rewarding.

This battle is a riot. Giant spinning blades, a hulking great mechanical monstrosity and massive swords. Just plain good fun!

Blind is a great boss and she gets tougher the weaker she gets. It’s a case of moving quickly to avoid the increasing number of fireballs coming at you, and perhaps using items carefully to get in close and deliver damage.

Vaati’s final form is another fun boss, and the first of several final bosses in this list. Once you figure it out, he’s quite easy, but it’s always fun to take care of the final boss.

Phantom Ganon clues you in to the nature of the very final battle, but more importantly this fight keeps you on your toes and keeps you moving. Timing and judgement are crucial here.

The final fight between you and Ganon in The Wind Waker is a good old fashioned sword fight. What’s not to like?

After what feels like a long journey, to finally confront Ganon in A Link to the Past feels amazing. The thrill of defeating him for the first time is one I haven’t forgotten and whilst he isn’t the toughest boss, he provides a decent challenge.

Ganon’s final form from The Ocarina of Time is a brute who looks more intimidating than he actually is, but he marks the final part of an epic adventure and whilst not from my favourite Zelda game, it’s still a terrific feeling to complete it.

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