Brexit Reality Arrives

I was scanning Twitter this morning and I found a beauty of a tweet, from a Brexiteer no less.

It seems at least some Brexiteers are waking up to reality. Brexit isn’t going to save us money, it’s going to cost us money, and a lot of money at that. I would say I’m surprised but I’m not. As I have mentioned many times before, Brexit is a bad idea, voted for the wrong reasons, and the useless Tories aren’t capable of organising a shag in a brothel. It’s no great shock to learn that we’re not going to get the deals we want, because surprise surprise, the EU isn’t yielding to our demands, yet some Brexiteers are still stunned that a bloc of several countries won’t bow down to us.

It’s probably too late for any kind of second referendum or a final vote on a deal. The only way the UK survives is if we negotiate a deal that’s very similar to the terms of EU membership, but I doubt Johnson and his cabal of elitist snobs would consider a course of action that benefits the majority.

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